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OBD II Codes?

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  • OBD II Codes?

    I thought I came across the OBDII codes for the GX on this forum. Can someone point me to them if they are here? I bought a ScanGuage 2 to find out what my car is doing as I drive it...


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    Re: OBD II Codes?

    Marlon, use the search feature near the top of the page to search out posts on scanguage ll. There's been a lot of info posted in the forum and may turn up the info you're looking for, although the OBDll codes won't be among them (I'm fairly certain) a lot of pertinent info on how to set it up does exist. Enjoy your new toy!


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      Re: OBD II Codes?


      When looking at OBD II Codes there are two classes; Generic and manufacturer specific. The generic which all scan tools can read will narrow the problem to a specific area; Fuel system, O2, Evap, etc. The manufacturer specific are much more detailed and vary a little from year to year for a specific manufacturer and vehicles

      The generic codes will begin with one of 4 letters (P,C,B, & U ) and a zero; ie., P0440 is a generic Evap system code. The manufacturer codes begin with one the above mentioned letters and something other than a zero; i.e., P1442 is probably an Evap code with a more specific meaning.

      If your scan tool shows a manufacturer specific code, go to the manufacturer's information for that specific vehicle to get the defination. OBD II is great if it is used properly

      Hope this helps



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        Re: OBD II Codes?

        On the GX the codes are mostly the same as the standard Civic. If you see a weird one ask on this thread and I'll look in my shop manual (GX supplement)
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          Re: OBD II Codes?

          Here is a good place to look up Trouble Codes:

          Jim Younkin


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            Re: OBD II Codes?

            I finally got around to figuring out how to use my ScanGauge 2. This tiny computer reads the engine computer and displays in real time what is going on. After calibrating the ScanGuage with actually how much gas was put in at a fillup, it is now pretty accurate about how much gas the car is using and how far is left to go on my tank. (Other fancier cars have this feature built in.)

            In addition, I discovered that the engine computer shuts off gas to the engine when you are coasting; whereas, if you are coasting and in neutral, the engine is still being fed gas.

            I am still learning things and will post them as I find them out.

            If anyone has experiments they would like me to do, let me know and I will give it a shot.