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    Thinking about buying a used 2004 GX. Is there any tax rebate for used vehicles bought from private parties?

    Anything I should know about the 04 models?

    Thanks, Mitch

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    Re: Used GX

    AFAIK , the tax credit is only available during the first year of operation.

    On the 04 GX , honda has extended the warranty to 7 years /100,000 , for cvt transmission slippage and "judder" issues. After that , you are on your own.


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      Re: Used GX

      It depends where you live as to whether other incentives would apply, such as state/local incentives. Utah has a state program that would apply to a used vehicle. You can go to the incentives forum and research your specific area for details on incentives, such as tax credits, HOV access, free parking at meters, etc. that may apply to the vehicle in your state.

      As for the 04 model, I drive one and it now has about 110,000 mi. No major problems so far. This year has the CVT tranny, which has somewhat of a history on the older models, as mentioned prior. I've replaced the coil packs, which cracked and caused a miss in the car. Aside from that, it's been a great car. As with any car, maintenance is the key to long term reliability. Good service records can go a long way towards easing any anxiety towards the car.

      If you're in CA, all emissions items (and that's a comprehensive list covering most cng related parts) is covered under CA's 15yr/150k mi emissions warranty. Takes nearly all of the worries out of owning a cng Civic.

      I get around 30mpg in town and about 40 on the hiway. I'll never go back to a gasoline car, and neither would most ngv owners... for many reasons.