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Have you heard of this conversion shop?

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  • Have you heard of this conversion shop?

    Has anyone dealt or heard of ********** out of Utah?
    Last edited by Curtis; 10-24-2008, 05:09 PM. Reason: Discussion of illegal conversion shops

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    Re: CNGOutfitters

    Yes, they install illegal conversion kits and are not discussable in this forum. I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't around much longer. Installing such a kit would make you subject to some hefty fines. You would also not pass a smog inspection because these kits do not have an EPA certification sticker under the hood, as required by law.

    Whatever Toyota dealer is local to them called me recently with the same question. They told the dealer that they could get the bi-fuel conversion for the new Tundra EPA approved for them in about 3 weeks. This is not only impossible, but opens the dealer up to liabilities that could shut them down. Be very cautious. We'd hate to see you in trouble. When the EPA shuts them down and looks at their install records... I wouldn't want to be in them.