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  • Need some help finding some info

    Need some help in locating a study.

    I was recently contacted by an individual in the Library of Congress
    regarding a study mentioned in the article below. Apparently, someone in
    Congress is interested in the role that natural gas plays in reducing
    greenhouse gases and came across an article in the New York Times (see
    below, article reproduced in its entirety) which mentions a study in
    California that says that natural gas cars produce 20% less greenhouse
    gases. The actual phrase which was used in the article is:

    "Natural gas cars produce at least 20 percent less greenhouse gas per
    mile than regular cars, according to a California study."

    I assume this member of Congress asked the Library of Congress to
    track down this "study." I don't know if the study was a CEC study
    (which I am now researching), a consultant study or a study produced by
    a trade association. There may even be more that one study involved. If
    anyone knows of this study that is being referenced please reply and let
    me know.

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    Re: Need some help finding some info

    Here's a SuperShuttle study comparing their cng and gasoline vans.

    It's not 'per mile' though, it's per gallon or GGE of fuel. So, a CNG vehicle that gets the same mileage as a gasoline car will have 20% less CO2 emissions. But, a Prius, for example, which gets much better mileage than a GX, will have less CO2 emissions per mile.
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      Re: Need some help finding some info

      A couple of weeks ago in the "lounge" I downloaded a recent California well to wheels energy and emission assessment report of vehicles running with various fuel types. It is under the title of "energy indenpendence" and if you scroll down you will find the .PDF. This might be what you are looking for. It's not an easy read, but there is a lot of info in the report