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  • Honda GX Police Cruiser

    I live in a very small town in Ohio. A trucking company nearby is converting to CNG and will be offering CNG to the public. The local Honda dealer is not interested in dealing with GXs but there might be one in Cleveland or Buffulo, N.Y. The local one dealer has he head in the sand. (There is another anotomical place that I will not dwell on here in this forum.)

    My little town is paying big bucks for fuel for its law enforcement for its patrol cars. Looking through the photographs on the chat I saw the Honda patrol cruiser. Is this just an marketing thing or is an an actual city using the Honda GX. How is the police accepting the use of the Honda?

    I do believe that for small towns that this could be a good application of CNG vehicles. Fuel cost are going up for them and the tax base is being squeezed.

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    Re: Honda GX Police Cruiser

    Police depts, like Glendale, Ca and many others are using the vehicle for "White Fleet" purposes, as well as parking enforcement, volunteers, etc. They are still using full sized vehicles for patrol purposes, as the GX wouldn't be my first choice for a persuit situation.

    I would be happy to assist the city in getting information on the car, which they can use in determining the advantages for their fleets.