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New info regarding 2009 GX orders

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  • New info regarding 2009 GX orders

    If you have contacted me regarding the purchase of a 2009 Civic GX, or intend to.

    If you are on my list, or trying to get on the list and you are a business, and can produce a purchase order for the vehicle/s and buy the car/s in your business name, I can put you on a different list that will produce much faster results.

    There are a large number of White GX's set aside for this type of order. If you can do as I have outlined, and are willing to take white GX's, I may be able to supply your company car/s through my fleet program. Other colors are available for my fleet program, but would be produced during later production runs and would delay your order.

    My fleet program will not effect those already on the list and will not delay their ability to get a car.

    I would need an actual Purchase Order faxed to me, along with a copy of your business lic and tax exempt status (if applicable). Geographic location may not be an issue, but I'm checking on that.

    If you wish to change your order status with me, please call and, If I am unavailable, leave the message "Change of Status". So I may be able to identify those orders. (I'm still slogging through over 100 messages and emails I received while I was on vacation.)

    Please call any day but Mon/Tues (cuz I won't be here).

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    Re: New info regarding 2009 GX orders

    Does this apply to out-of-state sales as well?


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      Re: New info regarding 2009 GX orders

      Yes. I am awaiting a list from Honda of states that the GX can be sold in. Apparently there are some states that prevent the sale of Calif. emissions rated vehicles... and don't ask me why, because it makes no sense to me either.