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1st time Re-fueling issue...

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  • 1st time Re-fueling issue...

    I bought a '08 GX today and once I returned home (Santa Clarita) I wanted to put some CNG into the car; to see what the process was like..Anyway, I swipped my Mastercard (I have no established CNG fuel account yet)and the instruction screen stated I needed to watch a training video and indicated the video was qeuing up. Additionally, the screen stated afterwards to input the two digits afterwards...the problem is the video never plays...

    any ideas what i'm doing wrong...

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    Re: 1st time Re-fueling issue...

    Sounds like something is wrong with that dispenser. Did you try the other side? I write the Training Code on the back of my card with a Sharpie. It's the same for all CE dispensers so you don't have to watch the video more than once if you do this.
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      Re: 1st time Re-fueling issue...


      Did you try swiping your card again? And then did the video play?

      I had a problem the first time I tried filling in SC. The video played, gave the code, but there was another number that flashed on the screen and I was confused about which number was my secret code. I used the incorrect number as the code and had to swipe it again.

      On the second go-around the pump gave me about 20 cents worth of gas then shut off. I actually had enough to get home and back the next day, so no real problem at that point. When I got home I decided to call the credit card company to see if they froze the card. Yep, they did. They saw that someone was trying repeatedly to make a "gas" purchase. I spoke to the customer service rep and explained that I had just got an NGV any "gas" purchases on my credit card for natural gas were really me.

      I'm writing this a few days after you had a problem. Has it worked for you yet? I just filled up this afternoon and one of the 3600 psi pumps has a locked up lever on the collar. (again) I called C.E. and reported the problem.