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2004 honda gx warrenty coverage

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  • 2004 honda gx warrenty coverage

    Does honda have extended coverage on the trans, engine, rust-thru or other systems? My crt trans seems to hesitate at a light until engine warms up. I have 51000 miles and am second owner. I am sure other new owners of all those NYC and Az high priced GX's are interested as well.

    thanks, Derek

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    Re: 2004 honda gx warrenty coverage

    Seems to me there was a 100,000 mile extension on the CVT transmission. I am sure Curtis or your dealer would know for sure.


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      Re: 2004 honda gx warrenty coverage

      7yr/100k extension on all CVT tranny's. Rust is lifetime, engine-3/36. You're covered for the trans, but I've seen coil packs and injectors cause problems that I swore were tranny related... not that yours are. Get 'er into the shop and get 'er done.


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        Re: 2004 honda gx warrenty coverage

        The warranty extension only covers certain symptoms, so hopefully yours fits into one of the categories.

        Curtis, does that mean that your GX is now running fine? I understand it was in for the same problems as ours a couple of weeks ago.
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          Re: 2004 honda gx warrenty coverage

          Mike's right, the warranty extension is for "Slip & Judder" and has been covered at length in the Civic GX Forum.

          As for my car, with Thunder and my station upgrade I haven't had time to leave it for the techs. It also seems to be somewhat intermitent and I want to give it to them when it's doing something they can detect. All those parts are covered to 150k, so I have time. Just rolled it over 100k the other day.