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  • Unbelievable Auction

    I was in Albuquerque this Friday and it was unbelievable how much the Honda GX went to at that auction. It was the fastest 30 seconds of the auction and this Honda was the much expensive car of the day. It sold for $19,500.
    Of the 208 cars it was 196. We all waited approximately 3 hours to bid on this one car. Two other cars (bi-fuel) were the second highest priced car at the auction
    2001 Chevy G35 12 passenger van sold for 14,100 and 14,250 both had over 46k miles.
    The Honda GX was a 2002 with 15k miles and very clean but the buyer paid way too much - it just goes to show how much AFV are in demand.

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    Re: Unbelievable Auction

    Hard to understand how a 6 year old car only has 15,000. Those numbers would turn on alarm bells for me.

    We don't drive our truck very much at all. But, it even has 30,000 at 4 years.

    My 2002 GX has about 83,000.


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      Re: Unbelievable Auction

      If this was a government auction, I can see how a six year old car could have so few miles. If a car in the carpool is harder to fuel, it will be used less than the others. The government employees likely pay the same amount to the car pool for a gasoline car as they do an NGV, so they would use the other cars more.

      I agree that this is way too much to spend for a car that old, regardless of the actual miles on the car. Some people don't take the time or don't know how to run the numbers to see if the savings in fuel cost justify the car cost.
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