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Diesel emissions

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  • Diesel emissions

    How do they check diesel emissions? Do they use ppm, gram per mile, a reflectivity meter on the exhaust, etc.
    When adding cng to diesel, what are the federal requirements for emissions?
    Nobody else seems to know and I am not sure who to talk to or where to check for information.

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    Re: Diesel emissions

    Camryman.... I know you're playing with this right now. Maybe you can help Stan with this... way outside my area of expertise.


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      Re: Diesel emissions

      I believe allemmisions are measured by ppm, which, of course, has nothing to do with actual amount of polution. If they also measured the flowrate out the exhaust, along with the ppm and speed, and determined a mg/mile number, that would indeed be a much more accurate indication.

      As an example, measuring only ppm would show that a F-250 polluted the same as a focus.. we all know that ain't true...
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        Re: Diesel emissions

        When I went through the emission training course for colorado the stations were set up to collect all exhaust and record it in grams per mile. My five gas analizers use ppm which is pretty close. I read that in California they were testing a light meter that measured the reflectivity of the exhaust and calculated the ppm of particulate for a quick test, but I dont know if it actually went into effect or not.
        My real question is -- I install kits on diesel engines to mix cng with the diesel. It effectivly doubles fuel mileage by replacing diesel with cng, but I dont know the ramifications involved for my customers. These kits are much cleaner burning (makes sense) as well.
        My concern is that the EPA has some law that tells the consumer that it is a non-certified kit so even if it reduces emissions and doubles mileage we cant have that -- so you cant license your vehicle until you take it off and add more pollutants to the air.
        I dont want my customers to get caught, have not been able to find the emission standards on diesels and info on certified kits.
        Any help would be appreciated.