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  • Home refueling rebate


    Does being self-employed work toward getting the rebates for the FMQ-2-36?
    What information is needed to get that when you purchase a new Civic Gx and what is the process? What Clean Cities rebates are available, also?

    Jeff M.

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    Re: Home refueling rebate

    It looks like it's designed to exclude sole proprietors like us. Typical.
    02 GX
    01 GX
    03 Crown Vic
    06 GX
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      Re: Home refueling rebate

      Details are here:


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        Re: Home refueling rebate

        Its a discount on equipment.
        The Clean Cities Coalitions do not have rebates, but help their members find whats available.
        To get a better discount, you must be a member.
        Everyone on CNG Chat should be a member of their local Clean Cities Coalition.
        You get a lot of great information through this organization, you can also help
        spread the NGV message to the other members of CCC's that are searching for information AND PROGRESS, just like us.
        Sole Proprietors should not have any problem getting a discount if they purchase under their company name.
        Dave Clement