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  • Thanks for all your info

    Hi Curt, I am a new member and have posted questions on three places already and so will not repeat them, but if you have some answers, I would appreciate them. Thanks for all the answers you have provided so far on the site.
    We will give a good effort to get to the drive in show in Palmdale (is it?). Maybe having some fuel available at good cost and easy access will be helpful.
    Very best wishes, Rico Baker from Moab UT

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    Re: Thanks for all your info

    Welcome to the group and thank you for the kudo's. All the Admins and Moderators that work to build this site and make it a true community appreciate the kind words.

    Always feel free to stop in and ask a question... or two... or three. You probably aren't the only one that is wondering about something and many of our members kinda lurk in the shadows and quietly learn from people like you that come forward with inquireys, so thank you for your participation.

    If you are looking for specific information, it can often be uncovered using the search link in the blue bar near the top. It's a great resource.

    We hope to see you at the Cruise-In. I know it's a drive from Moab but I guarantee it will be the most fun you've had in a while. If you wish to stay for both days, the event opens the 14th at 4pm and runs to 10pm, Sunday from 10am to 5pm. See you there.