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  • Fuel Injector Pricing

    Why are the fuel injectors on the civic GX's so expensive? I know I am not the only one who has spent way to much money on injectors. I have replaced one injector and it cost me $375. You think we could pressure Honda and get the price down. Like the whole fuel filter B thing that we did?


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    Re: Fuel Injector Pricing

    Check "Lindertech" on injector pricing. The injector should cost around $60.00 and take about one hour to replace. Dont forget the time to narrow down the problem & eliminate secondary ignition, wiring, vacuum leaks, pcm, and other items to verify the concern and positivly identify the problem.


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      Re: Fuel Injector Pricing

      As much as I'd love to tell cng parts manufacturers that their parts shouldn't cost any more than gasoline equivelent parts... it will never happen. Limited production, more complicated designs and more stringent operating peramiters will always keep cng parts, be it for the car or station, insanely overpriced.

      Add that to limited suppliers that have exagerated markups, due to a lack of competition, and you have a reality that we must cope with.

      Search the internet for "cng injectors. Let's see who manufactures these things and find independent suppliers that will be more competitive with their pricing.

      I think the manufacturers parts are always going to be the best choice, best fit, best performance... but if you can't afford them...

      Maybe we should start a thread for OEM suppliers that are reasonable and another for aftermarket suppliers.

      We could call it the "Parts Forum".


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        Re: Fuel Injector Pricing

        I think I read somewhere that RJ engineering makes custom injectors for all sorts of cars. Maybe ill shoot them an email and see whats up. Gotta email Lindertech also.