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2nd Annual CNG/Alt Fuels Cruise-In

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  • 2nd Annual CNG/Alt Fuels Cruise-In

    The 2nd Annual Alt Fuels Cruise-in & Alt Fuels Expo!
    will be held June 14th and 15th.
    Just North of Los Angeles in the Antelope Valley (in the High Desert.)
    Food, Drink, bands, celebrities, a humongus car and Motorcycle show, and contests.
    Tickets (tax deductible) will be on sale for charity drawings for cars, motorcycles, Spa's, Big Screens... and much, much more. I'll post the list as soon as I have it.

    All proceeds will go to the Kid's's Charities of the Antelope Valley.

    Admission on Saturday is $5 and gets you into the "Foghat" concert and all arena activities.

    I've even organized a GSA alt fuels vehicle auction to take place on Sunday at 2pm, registration from 10am until auction time, payment on Credit Card only!
    Cruise-in admission is free ($5 if you come in on Saturday)! Get your alt fuel vehicle into the event grounds Pass Sat or Sun! Parking is around the R Rex Paris building (with the big clock tower on it.

    Meet others from our Cngchat community!
    Yahoo CNG group members will be in attendance...

    Well, I pulled it off! A 12,000sq ft Alternative Fuels Exposition! Honda, GSA, Clean Cities, SoCal Gas, AQMD, Natural Drive, and many of others will be there! You guys have no idea how much fun this event will be, so you'll just have to come and find out!!!!!

    Here is a list of the GSA vehicles to be auctiones June 15th at 2pm.
    Here is a list of vehicles:

    2001 Cavalier Dark Blue 46,285
    2003 Cavalier Light Blue 64,339
    2003 Cavalier White 78,593
    2004 Cavalier White 35,202
    2004 Cavalier White 34,093
    2000 F150 White 19,756
    2001 F150 White 36,022
    2002 F150 Silver 64,004
    2002 Chev 2500 p/u White 69,231
    2002 Chev 2500 van Brown 65,795


    Print out gate pass and place on dash to enter gate 3 at the AV Fairgrounds June 14th & 15th.

    OK!, Cruisers, some good news. Cruisers can get their cars into the event Saturday AND Sunday. We will be parking (backed in and angled to the front of the building) around the outsides of the R Rex Paris Hall. It's the one with the HUGE clock tower on it. You can't miss it.

    I am posting the gate pass onto the main (first) event announcement. It's the first post in this thread. Just place it on your dash and let the guys at the gate know you with the Alternative Fuels Event. We enter at GATE 3 only! Not gate 6 like last year. Gate 3 is on West Ave H, the street you'll exit the freeway on, turn west and it's past the public parking area, but before you get past the grounds. Refer to the map on the gate pass.

    Gate opens to the public at 4pm. AFV cars's can enter anytime after noon.

    On Saturday, the Joe Walla Band opens for Foghat at 6:30, Foghat at 8PM, gates close at 10pm.

    Sunday gate's open at 10AM, close at 5PM.
    Live bands all day Sunday on various stages, lots and lots to see and do.

    If there's good news... there has to be some bad to balance it.
    If you are looking to buy at the GSA Auction... They are telling me that they can ONLY accept credit cards because they have no way to put any other form of payment into the govt accounting system due to the remote location, as they are away from the auction house and aren't equipped to handle anything else, even cash is out. Can you imagine... our gov't won't accept their own currency. The dollar must really be falling off. Perhaps they'll take Euro's???

    Auction registration will start at the GSA booth (in the Expo hall) at 10am and the auction will be at 2pm. This differs from the time announced earlier (12pm).

    Keep an eye on The official Thunder web site. Check out last years activities. Site is uner developement, so check back often.

    Also check my post at the bottom for event update and concert info.
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    I'll be there! Insufficient fueling station's couldn't keep me away!
    I'll start rearranging my vacation time right away. If the boss says "Yes", I'll be there.
    I'd love to go but you can't get there from here!
    Naw, like to but I have to wash my hair that day.
    You couldn't make me go if my hair were on fire, and you had water!

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    Re: 2nd Annual CNG/Alt Fuels Cruise-In

    It sounds like a lot of fun! Keep us posted. Maybe I can find another NGV to bring back to Utah.
    08 Civic GX


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      Re: 2nd Annual CNG/Alt Fuels Cruise-In

      Are you talking about the "Thunder on the lot" ??
      I'll be there!
      BLUE 09 GX


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        Re: 2nd Annual CNG/Alt Fuels Cruise-In

        Hey, Johnny. Should we put Lee in charge of bringing the models this year?


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          Re: 2nd Annual CNG/Alt Fuels Cruise-In

          Sounds like a plan!
          Who's going to bring the BBQ?
          BLUE 09 GX


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            Re: 2nd Annual CNG/Alt Fuels Cruise-In

            Due to the overall nature of the event, I'll have to check on whether that will be kosher. Remember that this is a childrens charities rund raising event. All proceeds from food, drink and alcohol sales goes to the kids... we get to keep the girls.


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              Re: 2nd Annual CNG/Alt Fuels Cruise-In

              Any Alt Fuels related industry types that have a product or service that they would like to feature in my upcoming AFV Expo, please send me an email at [email protected]. Space in the event is only $300 for a
              12 x 12. Get your space reserved while the best spots are still available!


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                Re: 2nd Annual CNG/Alt Fuels Cruise-In

                Any chance some spots might be available to park RV/trailers overnight?


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                  Re: 2nd Annual CNG/Alt Fuels Cruise-In

                  There sure is. I'll chech and find out the particulars for you and post the information for you as soon as I have it.


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                    Re: 2nd Annual CNG/Alt Fuels Cruise-In

                    This is getting better & better...

                    I just noticed that the Cruise-In is on Father's Day this year. The probability of the wife giving my leash a little extra slack (and maybe even tagging along) just dramatically improved!
                    2000 CNG Camry
                    VRA Wannabe


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                      Re: 2nd Annual CNG/Alt Fuels Cruise-In

                      FYI - Clean car maps shows a station operational in Los Banos - couple miles off of I-5 at PG&E LOS BANOS SERVICE CENTER (940 I STREET in LOS BANOS, CA).

                      I plan to call PG&E to confirm - I had heard they were adding CNG to their Los Banos center.

                      This makes the I-5 trip to the Cruise-in possible for those with PG&E fueling cards.


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                        Re: 2nd Annual CNG/Alt Fuels Cruise-In

                        The 99 Fwy has always been an option. In fact it's probably the easiest way to make the trip and not sweat the stations. The 99 takes you right through Bakersfield and you can choose either the 58 East over the Tehachapi Mtn Pass, or 5 South (the 99 re-merges with the 5 South of Bakersfield) and go over the Tejon Pass and East on Hwy 138 to the 14 Fwy. That puts you about 4-5 minutes North of the Fairgrounds.


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                          Re: 2nd Annual CNG/Alt Fuels Cruise-In

                          Thanks Curtis -

                          I had my time on 99 when I drove my 04 GX back from AZ last May (from CNGmotors). I did not yet have my PG&E card and got a late night surprise in Visalia when the school yard fueling site I planned on was fenced in and LOCKED - fortuneately I made it 15 miles back to Tulare with a 24 hr access site.

                          So to plan the day or days - is Saturday for industry only - or would there be presentations of general interest? (It sure seems like the effort to get an interstate network of CNG/LNG linking CA/NV/UT/AZ was planted a few years back but finished with LNG only.) What hours will the Saturday events run?

                          Then on Sunday - the cruz-in day - What are the expected times - like 11-4 or so?

                          Barring a major conflict I plan to be there! I have a son and his family that live in Apple Valley so it makes a nice visit.



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                            Re: 2nd Annual CNG/Alt Fuels Cruise-In

                            Saturday is Industry Day. That's for the cities, AFB, AeroSpace Indutry, Airports and AFV Professionals. I think it might be possible to sneak into the event after 4pm though. I've heard rumors of a big concert planned for Sat night.

                            Sunday is 10am-5pm. Have the son and family meet you there. Guaranteed that the whole clan will have a ball. There's something for everyone! I'm headed out to the fair grounds tomorrow. I'll check on RV facilities for those who are going to travel in comfort.

                            Heck, by June gas prices might be kinda high... hear they might even reach $4.00 a gallon... oops, that was yesterday. Hope you RV'ers out there have cng motorhomes.


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                              Re: 2nd Annual CNG/Alt Fuels Cruise-In

                              Here's the Low-down on the Cruise-In/Expo for the 14th Thunder on the Lot. We hope to see you all there! Plan on coming for Sat & Sun... or just for the Cruise-In on Sunday!

                              The Foghat concert is Saturday at 4pm, admission is $5 Sat only, Sunday is free, parking is $5 and there are RV hookups at the fairgrounds. Call the fairgrounds office at 661-948-6060 for details on RV access.
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