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    Dave Clement, NGV Horizon Award

    Dave Clement began his CNG adventures in 1999 with a construction company doing FuelMaker installations. When things in the alternative fuel world grew shaky, Dave remained positive as his employer opened a new division as CNG Services of Arizona, a company in which Dave would later purchase and operate as his own. At the start, CNG Services engaged mostly in residential fueling work; today that’s flipped with CNG Services’ current customer mix at 90 percent commercial and 10 percent residential. The bulk of Dave’s business is with waste, transit, and freight customers. Dave’s dedication to alternative fuels earned him a 2008 “Clean Air Champion” award by then Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano. Dave has been associated with Arizona’s Clean Cities Coalitions, previously serving as Vice Chair of the Tucson Coalition and doing website and social media work for the Phoenix coalition. Dave’s wife Patti and his family and grandchildren have all been involved in the business and frequent supporters for many years. CNG Services of Arizona remains today a dealer for Bauer, FuelMaker & WEH and an ASC for ANGI Energy Systems. Throughout Arizona Dave is known as “Dr. Dave” or “Mr. CNG” when anyone brings up natural gas vehicles, and Dave continues to maintain an aggressive pro-NGV social media presence to this day.