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Hydrostatic vs. Visual Inspection of CNG Cylinders

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  • Hydrostatic vs. Visual Inspection of CNG Cylinders

    Greetings all,

    Here are two documents that explain the rationale for visual inspection vs. hydrostatic testing of CNG cylinders.

    The first is contained in the ISO 19078 international standard written by Dr. Norm Newhouse with Lincoln Composites and explains in detail the reasons behind the procedure.

    The second is the current Tech. Bulletin 01 from the Clean Vehicle Education Foundations (CVEF) Hank Seiff, Technical Director. Originally written in 1992, it established the visual inspection protocol and has been the preferred method since.

    The United States pioneered the technology that led to the visual inspection standards that have become the international gold standard today.

    Lets not go back.

    Best regards,

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