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Albany, NY to Tulsa, OK on dedicated!!

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  • Albany, NY to Tulsa, OK on dedicated!!

    Hello fellow cng supporters,

    I recently bought used 2001 Honda Civic GX from Albany, NY and made the one-way 1,600 mile trip to Tulsa, OK . . . all on dedicated cng!!! My one-way flight to Albany was quite affordable at $130 since I booked online 2 weeks in advance, then seller picked me up at the airport.

    As with any long cng trip, many weeks of planning were needed!! Needed to apply for 4 different cng pump fuel cards, but only ended up paying on one fuel card (see below). For NY needed Clean Energy fuel card (skipped as I REFUSED to pay outrageous $100 deposit - - seller let me use his CE card for free, but $2.48 per gge) - - see my other posts on CNGChat about monopoly Clean Energy - - so fuel stops in NY were Albany and New Paltz ; PECO Energy in Plymouth Meeting, PA let me fill-up for free using a marketing code, so didn't actually have to get their fuel card!! ; then across PA to Harrisburg, PA using Pacific Pride cng fuel card (convenient cng pump right next to Honda dealership - - lucky for me as front wheel bearing went out, but only 2 hr delay!) ; public cng around Pittsburgh, PA is non-existent ("clean coal" lobby??) but filled up at Washington, PA with Columbia Gas fuel card (thanks to cng good samaritan as my new Columbia Gas card didn't work!! - - he let me use his card for free) ; on to Columbus, OH where same Columbia Gas fuel card would have been used if it worked (tech let me fill for free - - terrific large refueling site with multiple cng pumps - - see below for concern) ; on to Indianapolis, IN using absolutely terrific new public cng pump by Kyler HVAC (4,100 psi and only needs credit card at $1.51 per gge) - - filled in evening, then topped off again in morning for TOTAL cng tankful ; long leg to St Louis, MO was 253 mi and made it without the low fuel light even coming on!!! - - filled at only public cng in St Louis which is poor LaClede public cng (see below) ; then to Springfield, MO for call ahead public cng pump of David Bowgen for flat $15 cng tankful (awesome knowledgeable guy) ; finally to safety & security of Oklahoma pumps all across state at only $0.91 per gge!!!

    Concern in Columbus, OH was tech said Columbia Gas Company had been bought out by NiSource and massive selloff of nearly all cng vehicles had occurred with nearly 400 cng vehicles being sold that previously were used by employees!!! Sacri-religious!! Thus, not sure how long the public cng pump might last in Columbus. PLEASE pressure Ohio public utility board, elected officials, Columbia Gas top mgmt, NiSource BOD, etc. to KEEP OPEN this terrific public cng pump, as it has multiple cng hoses of both 3,000 psi and 3,600 psi. Get local Honda dealer involved as well!!

    Experience in St Louis, MO was very poor at LaClede site as the vent hose blew off while trying to refill!! Public cng station is on LaClede property yet tech would not help at all (even to get a screwdriver) as he said LaClede no longer services their own cng pump . . only public cng pump in St Louis!!! Trick to filling up required connecting hose first and turning ON the one-way valve near car's nozzle BEFORE making payment and flipping handle at pump. For over one million population city, this is NOT ACCEPTABLE!! I've since learned that there are massive number of cng vehicles at STL airport, as local conversion company is swamped converting 80 more vehicles to cng!!! Thus, I feel that STL airport private cng site should be FORCED to become a PUBLIC cng pump since it's being paid for with taxpayer's money!!

    That was my adventure in buying my little Honda Civic GX that I just love!!

    Go CNG !!! Cleanest fuel on the planet (except for solar and wind).

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    Re: Albany, NY to Tulsa, OK on dedicated!!

    I'm looking at purchasing a gx on the east coast....I think i know the answer, there's no way to make it east coast to west coast and shipping is the reality right?


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      Re: Albany, NY to Tulsa, OK on dedicated!!

      Originally posted by SteveO View Post
      I'm looking at purchasing a gx on the east coast....
      I would seriously recommend that you make sure that something that you really want to do. I was quite shocked by the amount of corrosion unpainted ferrous parts East coast vehicles can sustain. Not just surface corrosion, but complete disintegration.

      Caveat emptor.

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        Re: Albany, NY to Tulsa, OK on dedicated!!

        GX's are available from select Honda dealers since 2005. Since the feets in NY are using cng extensively, these cars are available at auctions there on a regular basis.

        Perhaps Eric can help me here, but I believe that the Honda warranty against rust is quite comprehensive, but it should be further researched to give you the specifics of that warranty.

        There will also be some extensive infrastructure developement in and around NY courtesy of ARRA funding awards that have been announced. This should make the possibility of owning a cng car a bit brighter.

        It would be safe to say that cross country driving is not practicle in a GX without the aid of extended range tanks. I can't comment on the possibility of having that type of upgrade performed in your area. Either way, welcome to CNGChat and keep us updated on your quest.