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Sunnyvale, CA to South Lake Tahoe, CA

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  • Sunnyvale, CA to South Lake Tahoe, CA

    Hello All,

    I just wanted to let everyone know about our CNG trip to Lake Tahoe last
    weekend. It went without any trouble. We were very conservative on the
    way up there ... stopping quite often to fuel up. But, on the way back home,
    we decided to do it non-stop.

    Here was our route:

    First, Cupertino PG&E to Vacaville PG&E station via 237 to 880 to 680 to I-80.
    Next, we stayed on I-80 to the Auburn PG&E station. From there, we went
    south on highway 49 to highway 50, and took 50 up to South Lake Tahoe. All
    stations had good pressure and were easy to find.

    On the way back, we stayed on 50 to I-80, bypassing Auburn. As is typical for
    this route, you get great gas mileage because you go from about 7000ft elevation
    to almost sea level. We pulled back into the Cupertino station with 223 miles on the
    trip odometer and 6 bars left on the fuel gauge. Amazing fuel economy on that leg!!

    Here is our fueling data:

    2008 Honda Civic GX

    1. Start Cupertino with 18 bars, 3300psi at 63F
    2. Vacaville: 91.4 miles, 2.046 GGE, 3400psi, 75F
    3. Auburn: 67.3 miles, 1.654 GGE, 3800psi, 85F
    4. Tahoe: 114.7 miles, 3.772 GGE, 4000psi, 70F
    5. Cupertino: 223.0 miles, 3.777 GGE, 3200psi, 59F (6 bars remaining)

    That's a trip average of 44 MPGGE. We usually kept our speed between
    65 and 70MPH ... a little slower on some of the uphills. Tires at 39psi.

    It was a pleasant experience.


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    Re: Sunnyvale, CA to South Lake Tahoe, CA

    Great report. A number of members have asked about that trip. Good to finally see someone take the plunge and give such solid data.


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      Re: Sunnyvale, CA to South Lake Tahoe, CA

      I'm making this trip this weekend. Plan to do Vacaville to S. Lake Tahoe via 50 in one shot, ~140 miles. Should be fine assuming it's a decent fill, if not I'll stop in Davis too just to be safe (should know within a few miles if it was a good fill or not if the gauge drops to the second line on my 02 GX). Not as worried on the way home, all downhill!


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        Re: Sunnyvale, CA to South Lake Tahoe, CA

        I just made the trip from San Jose to South Lake Tahoe. I filled up in Vacaville and made it easily to S Lake Tahoe via 50. I topped off Monday morning as I was leaving and got a great fill (it was cold - about 10 degrees F). I made it back to San Jose with half a tank of fuel left!