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Road trip Ogden to San Diego and back

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  • Road trip Ogden to San Diego and back

    So my family made a trip to San Diego and back in June driving our 2005 F-250 (V-10) bi-fuel. We've not made a road trip with this vehicle since we converted it. Normally we'd just use the car but we had my son, daughter and her family and needed the room for 6 people plus a truck bed for the luggage.
    Since the truck only has a ten gallon tank, I knew we'd be using gas as well as cng but wanted to use cng as much as possible to save a little money and just have the experience.
    Since we only get about 9mpg, we ended up making stops for cng in Provo, Fillmore, St. George, Las Vegas, Barstow, and Garden Grove on the way down. Every station was up and available with great fills except for the station in North Las Vegas. Could be due to the 110 degree heat there.
    Spent a few days in Garden Grove and discovered that all of the Clean Energy stations around there are 3600psi only. Our truck is 3000 psi. Ended up having to fill at the So Cal Gas Company site.
    As luck would have it while in San diego, (actually Carlsbad), there was a station less than a mile away that we were able to fill at.
    On the way home, we filled at the same stations as the trip down but added one station in Corona. Once again, great fills at every station, even Vegas this time.
    The highest price we paid was in Vegas ($2.29) and the lowest was thru Utah. So Cal was less than $2.00/gge. Average gasoline prices were around $3.00/gallon. The least spread between gas price and cng price was in Vegas at $0.50/gallon. Most cases the difference was more than $1.00/gallon.
    Other than the innumerable stops due to short range, the trip was pleasant and uneventful. Guess I need to add an extra tank for some more range. I estimate that I saved well over $120 on fuel. Paid for the trip to Disneyland.

    Jim Skaggs
    Ogden, UT