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Going from Pittsburg, KS to Evansville, Indiana

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  • Going from Pittsburg, KS to Evansville, Indiana

    I am planning a road trip to Evansville, Indiana. The map doesn't show a fill station along I-44 between Joplin, MO and St. Louis, MO. Does anyone know of a station? I have a Honda Civic CNG and can only go 200 miles max. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Going from Pittsburg, KS to Evansville, Indiana

    What rear is your GX? A 200 mi range would indicate a '99-2000 model. Anything newer is capable of a bit better range. Slow acceleration, slowing early, don't use cruise in the mtns, and keep your speed at 55-65 and you can usually squeeze out more miles (unless you have all 3000psi stations in your area. Another trick is to fill the night before the trip and then top it off just prior to hitting the road. After the tank cools you may get an additional gge or so in there, which gives you another 30-40 miles. should give you accurate station info. Also try the trip planner on the site and see if it gives you any better route options. You can check the govt website and look at private stations: but know where they are so you can duck into one (and keep their phone number handy).

    In a pinch one of them may take mercy on you and let you fill there (a bribe never hurts). Perhaps some of the locals to that region can shed some better light on that possibility.