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Round trip in Utah with extended tanks

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  • Round trip in Utah with extended tanks

    I have already shared this brief story at work and with some neighbors so here goes. Last Friday night after work I dug my heels in to fix a bit of a miss I had detected in my 1996 dedicated Crown Victoria. I discovered a plug wire was bad and decided to replace the set that evening which seemed to help but did not entirely fix my trouble. The family was planning a lengthy trip down to Enoch near Cedar City from Orem and then back up to Ephraim where my daughter goes to school and back home on Saturday.
    I got up early Sat. and to make a long story short there was trouble with the plugs also so I replaced the plugs and we wound up leaving a bit later in the day than I had hoped. We topped CNG at the Flying J. in Springville and then at Fillmore out of precaution so I would have my extended tank setup topped up just in case. That turned out pretty good for us since we were delayed a bit longer than I hoped for at the Enoch stop. We turned northward with about 3/4 showing for fuel and due to the schedule I bypassed the Richfield fuel stop and we hit Ephraim with just over 1/4 capacity. After viewing our daughter's play at Snow College we resumed our trek for the home stretch and as a precaution we were driving at reduced speed for most of the last 50 miles during which the low fuel indicator lit up. We rolled into the Flying J. to find the compressor had not been working and a pressure reading of about 1500 which turned out to be good enough to pump in just about 4 GGE. We topped up at the Orem station about 1 mile from home. The rough calculations go as follows. 340 from Fillmore driving much of it at 75+ MPH sometimes with AC on. Approximate fuel usage = 14-15 GGE which is around 24-25 MP(GGE).