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Salt Lake City to Denver adventure

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  • Salt Lake City to Denver adventure

    My bro and I are big CNG fans (i have an 08 Civic GX and he has an '04 Dodge Durango Limited bi-fuel), so we thought we'd take a trip to see if we could make it to Denver in my dedicated GX. We took the trip in October 2008.

    No problems whatsoever in Rock Springs, although the CNG station there is very difficult to find, even with GPS. You're GPS will take you only to the corner part of a refinery. You have to continue up the road (right side of the refinery) to find the cng pumps. Sometimes they're not lit at night either. They're 24 hours though, so no problem.

    We were a bit worried about the 270 mile distance between Rock Springs and Cheyenne, so we drove around 65 mph or drafted big rigs at about 74 mph.

    We were truly amazed to arrive in Cheyenne with about 1/5th tank still left. We had achieved 53 mpg!

    Our joy quickly turned to frustration when we discovered that our clean fuel access cards weren't accepted by the machine. Why they don't have just a credit card access I'll never know. It was 11 pm, so we decided to crash at the Motel 6 rather than push through to my brother's house in Denver.

    We did end up calling the number on the pump itself in the morning, and the staff there were actually very helpful, even going into the office so we could use their access card.

    Turns out their machine was unable to download the latest upgrade from the home offices of clean fuel in Denver. I would suspect that this is still the case.

    Clean Fuel in Denver was also great, even making me 2 new cards and putting them in a hiding place at a Denver station. However, the cards were not the issue, it was the Cheyenne pump.

    This trip proved that people massively underestimate the performance of these cars, but you have to be willing to turn off the AC, go slow, etc. Drafting probably isn't necessary, but its an option!

    We had a great trip back, but we did have to call the Cheyenne people to come and meet us on the way back as well.

    Please someone post a reply if this has been fixed?

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    Re: Salt Lake City to Denver adventure

    Great trip report, thanks!
    I have used Cheyenne many times in the past half year with no problems so long as you have the Colorado-version of the Clean Energy card -- or arrive during business hours and pay cash.

    Rock Springs address at www.cngprices is correct and my Garmin GPS finds it no problem. The Questar guide takes you to their office on D street which is as you mention downhill from the station at 1203 New Hampshire.


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      Re: Salt Lake City to Denver adventure

      Thanks for the update, John.

      I did have a Colorado version of the card, so it sounds like it's resolved now.

      This is definitely a critical leg for the dedicated vehicle folks.


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        Re: Salt Lake City to Denver adventure

        Oh, also of note is the Clean Energy station at Denver International Airport accepts Visa/MC (no other stations in the area do, however). So you could make the trip from Utah to Denver without getting the special Colorado CE card so long as you fill during business hours in Cheyenne and then plan on using the DEN airport station before heading back.


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          Re: Salt Lake City to Denver adventure

          I'm glad to see that you can make it to Denver in a GX. My brother and I were talking about trying it out to see if we could make it in my 07. I have wanted to be able to tell my customers when they buy a new GX that they can make it or not. How is the return trip? Does the compressor in Cheyenne provide enough to comfortably make it back to Rock Springs?


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            Re: Salt Lake City to Denver adventure

            Yes mHarmon you can easily make it! But keep in mind that you need to keep your speed down, turn off the A/C, etc. to be safe. It was very windy on my return trip back and I did drive close to 75 mph about half of the time. I pulled into Rock springs completely empty, but no worries. The last bar disappeared about 1 mile away from the Rock Springs station.

            The problems in Cheyenne that I had were more in regard to card access than pressure.

            Although John sounds like he's had good luck with Cheyenne as of late.

            Denver is great as there is access everywhere, but the CNG prices there are nothing to rave about. We really are spoiled in Utah with our $1.00 gas.

            Still the savings on a roundtrip to Denver are really significant and the GX really gets great gas mileage if you drive it right!

            It's a great type of trip to do with your brother, as long as their are no fist fights along the way about who gets to drive.