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Aug 09 Trip to Las Vegas

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  • Aug 09 Trip to Las Vegas

    Working hard the last week of August was tough, especially when Gary (my retired hubby) had left Monday with his retired buddies to head for Vegas. I debated the perils of heading out alone to join him, especially with the 100+ degree weather at that time. But the fact that I had never stayed at the Venetian (where he got a mid-week special for $30/night) was too strong to resist (a girlfriend had said she had liked the rooms there best and she had previously stayed at the Bellagio).

    Well, not one to pass up on such opportunities, I left the Brea office at 2:00 pm Wed (had home-filled the GX the night before) and stopped in Victorville (D St station; cheaper than Barstow). I got a good fill: 19 of 20 bars. Around 6:00 pm, I rolled into Vegas with about 7 bars left.

    The next morning, around 8:00 am, I went to fill up when it was still relatively cool (for Vegas in Aug, ~80 degrees). However, I could only get a 61% fill (according to the pump). I left with 18 bars, good enough since I still needed to put in a day's work (see attached office for a day... a bit nicer than the cubicle).

    Driving in Vegas took the GX down to 12 bars, so after checkout on Friday, I left Gary at another casino while I went to refuel for the trip home. It was after 11:00 am (probably 90+ degrees out), and I only got a 35% fill (forgot to log the bars, but think it was about 18). I was distracted by the outlet stores right across from the Grand Central Parkway fueling station. Needless to say, it was a very productive trip. At least I now had something to show for the money left in Vegas. Great bargains, too!

    I did remember to pick up Gary who drove home. Luckily we still had 1 bar left (must have been his lead foot) by the time we reached Barstow around 3:00 pm. Got an 86% fill and the bars showed 20 for a brief period. Barstow to Irvine was pretty mundane. Had 10 bars left when we reached home; downhill through the San Bernadino mountains helps.

    I haven't figured out the reliability of the percentages shown on the pumps, or how they really relate to the bar counts, but as long as I think I have enough bars to make the next operational station or home, I'm good.
    I'll probably have to rethink that when I have to call AAA for a tow!
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    Re: Aug 09 Trip to Las Vegas

    Glad you made it OK! I have had probs recently refueling at my local pump 2 of 4 times recently, and no other probs for ar least a year.
    When it is cool (anytime except summer) I usually get 19 bars on my 3,600-3800psi fillups, but after driving home (4.1 miles) it drops to 18. During summer I get 18 and have 17 when I get home. A couiple times when is was really cold I got 20 but it was to 19 after about a tenth of a mile!
    I still want a VRA but cant afford one now.
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      Re: Aug 09 Trip to Las Vegas

      In Vegas, be aware of the poor fill at the Grand Central Pkway station. Comment I later found from
      "the 3600 PSI is only 3000 at best and will not be 3600 until the storage tanks on site are upgraded."

      Also, at the Ronemus Dr. station, the card reader would not detect my Citibank credit cards (but would my Kinecta card). This is the same problem I encountered in Bakersfield at the S. Union St. Station. The card readers look the same, so this might be a problem with the supplier's equipment/software. Will look into this later.
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        Re: Aug 09 Trip to Las Vegas

        We are planning a trip to Vegas via St. George, Utah in June '11. Can anyone suggest public stations and if they accept MC or Visa? Any advice and suggestions are welcome!


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          Re: Aug 09 Trip to Las Vegas

          Originally posted by gmoon View Post
          We are planning a trip to Vegas via St. George, Utah in June '11. Can anyone suggest public stations and if they accept MC or Visa? Any advice and suggestions are welcome!
          All of these accept Visa
          Taken from:

          Springville (CNG $1.27)
          1460 N 1750 W
          Springville, UT 84663

          Scipio (CNG $1.27)
          Scipio, UT 84656

          Filmore (CNG $1.27)
          1060 Utah 99
          Fillmore, UT 84631

          Cedar City (CNG $1.27)
          734 S Main St.
          Cedar City, UT 84720

          St. George (CNG $1.27)
          334 E Riverside Dr.
          St George, UT 84790

          North Las Vegas (CNG $2.19)
          3333 Losee Rd.
          North Las Vegas, NV 89030
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            Re: Aug 09 Trip to Las Vegas

            Best way is to look at as mentioned previously. I went to the A street station and the Ronemus Drive station in Vegas last month and they were excellent. They are set up like private stations so you have to be on the look out but they are there. The web site has maps for you as well. It's a little intimidating traveling on CNG at first since you are so dependent on so few stations. Good luck


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              Re: Aug 09 Trip to Las Vegas

              I am also planning a trip to Vegas, but I've seen some talk about these pre-paid cards..? Do I or do I not need to buy a card, or can I just pay with my visa, like regular cng stations?

              Unfortunately the most northern cng station in AZ is in Phoenix, so we'll have to ditch our dedicated Crown Vic and take my mom's Chevy bi-fuel. Does anyone know of any secret cng stations bewteen Vegas and Phoenix??


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                Re: Aug 09 Trip to Las Vegas

                You can just use a normal credit card in Vegas. The Haycock Petroleum cards haven't been necessary for a couple of years.
                I wish I knew of some secret stations between Vegas and Phoenix.