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San Diego to Chapel Hill NC

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  • San Diego to Chapel Hill NC

    Bought a 2001 Ford Bi-fuel F-150 (27,000 mi) at The GSA auction in Oceanside CA and took off for NC the next day. Refueled with CNG in Indio, Phoenix, Tucson, Midland TX, Dallas, Birmingham AL, Atlanta, Hillsbourgh NC.

    There is a new CNG station in Shreveport LA but it had not opened when I went through. Had the vehicle not been bi-fuel the trip would have been mission impossible. CNG range was 190 miles with a good 3600psi fill (Indio, Birmingham, Atlanta).

    I just bought a CNG tank on eBay for the same vehicle for $300 in Mass so I will but it alongside of the original in the bed. CNG range of 380 miles will be a more practical proposition.

    CNG in Chapel Hill.

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    Re: San Diego to Chapel Hill NC

    KEWL, Are you going to make it back for the "Thunder on the lot" event? Dont forget to wash your car this time LOL!
    BLUE 09 GX