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  • Clean Fuel Road Trip

    We took a road trip to Pennsylvania last month using as little petroleum as possible in my multi fuel H2H2 Hummer. It has been modified to run on CNG HCNG ethanol and gasoline. We showed it and did a clean fuel presentation at Lafayette College in Easton. Penn State filled one of my tanks with hydrogen on the way there, but a mis-matched component preventd a fill with HCNG. The conference was called Visions of the Energy Future and presentations were made by Oil, Coal, Renewable, Hydrogen, and the Clean Fuel Presentation by Tai. Here is a link to a video of the event.

    We are dedicated to re-establishing the CNG fueling infrastructure in the USA
    and we can modify vehicles to use CNG, hydrogen, and blends. CNG and biomethane are a big part of the solution to our petroleum nightmare. You don't need a fuel cell to use hydrogen for transportation, and the hydrogen can be extracted from water with renewable electricity. This isn't theory, it exists now and there is no carbon created or released during the process.

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    Re: Clean Fuel Road Trip

    I am with you man! Of course it seems that our EPA bureaucracy and ignorant lawmakers want to turn this CNG NO BRAINER into rocket surgery!!!

    I read somewhere on here that a conversion should cost $8,000 - $18,000! THAT IS RIDICULOUS! We procured ours through DOD for $1,000 (minus the tank).

    I am in the National Guard and our project is a military in house "self-help" project with all work preformed by our motor pool technicians. The conversion is to be done on a HMMWV training vehicle that is for TRAINING USE ONLY.

    All the regulations are making this impossible it seems - or a least they are trying to make it like that!