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Weekend Trip to Big Bear Lake, CA

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  • Weekend Trip to Big Bear Lake, CA

    Took a trip up the mountain to Big Bear Lake, there is no filling station on the way. So I filled up on the last one in Riverside (coming from the coast).
    Since I took the long way using HWY-38, which is about 15miles longer than taking the normal way I was a little worried on how many miles I could drive while up in the mountains.
    I made it back to the same station with about 5 ticks left on the fuel gage and did not much of driving around.
    But now I am thinking on installing a PHILL so I could drive without worries and enjoy the mountains.

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    Re: Weekend Trip to Big Bear Lake, CA

    Just called Fuelmaker and they told me that there is a PHILL installed somewhere in Big Bear City - of course they would not give any names - though it would be good to know that there is emergency fuel available.