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oops stuck in NYC - always call all the stations on your route first!

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  • oops stuck in NYC - always call all the stations on your route first!

    Went from virginia to deliver a motorcycle to PA or NJ somewhere near NY.
    (oh tha'ts right, both, i delivered a bike to one, and picked up a bike at the other). I fueled up cheaply in white marsh baltimore md. I got to the PA station and couldn't find it. I called the number.. found out it wasn't a really public filling station. Told the guy on the phone my situation, he gave me gas free, set up a temp account for me to login with. I offered to send him money as i wanted to pay my own way.. but he refused.. and I got free gas.

    I delivered the bike to NJ or the PA spot. I can't remember it was a few years back.. then I tried to go to NY to get gas.. big problems.. I cant' remember if
    one station i couldn't find or wasn't open or working or whatever.

    With the help of a cell phone call to the wife and mapquest, i ended up at
    another gas station. I remember I was around the holland tunnel at some point. I can't remember if I was in manhatten or brooklynn, but i was damn near out of gas, and I needed a certain membership card to use that station, and it was the middle of the night. it was a pretty lively part of the city, and
    I noticed all the caps in NY and bumper gaurds. Luckily i had room on the bench seat to lay down and take a nap, and an extra jacket or something or blanket? to keep warm.

    So I had to just park in the station and wait till morning and hope I could
    open an account immediately and get gas. Day break hit, and i left messages
    at the number to call. I got some run around a little bit.. Eventually a guy
    was getting gas for his work vehicle. I told him how I was stuck.. pointed to
    my maryland tags, and simply told him I just wanted to get some gas and
    I'd pay him for it right there on the spot.

    Would you friggin believe the Insensitivity of New yorkers?! The guy refused my money and gave me gas! I insisted again! He refused again! How dare he! How dare he show some humanity! I gave him a good talking to and told him
    how he's ruining the NYers bad reputation! and how I hoped karma would
    give him what he deserves!

    So I was happy.. very happy.. on my way home.. stopped to the PENN station, got another free fill up... and got home.

    Towed motorcycle out of state, got paid for delivery (a few hundred i think?), I picked up another one I bought as an investment, Got 3 free fill ups, and travelled from VA to NY and back, all for $20 total cost in filling up invested. Seeing the humanity of others... PRICELESS. So the trip was well worth it, financially, AND spirtually. All through the chance of
    owning a CNG vehicle.

    I LOVE my cng vehicles.
    On my way back the white marsh station had problems. I broke out my list of cng stations
    for a fellow cgn van driver adn helped him find the next closest location. I was glad *I* could
    help someone! Eventually the pump came back online though when we tried it with my van,
    so he was still greatful for my help. he had been stranded for a little while.

    Morals of the story.. 1>good people exist in bad and remote and populated places,
    2> always call ahead every station you plan to use, and make
    sure of ti's hours of operation, open-ness to the public, oh
    yea and to make sure the CNG pump is working.
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    Re: oops stuck in NYC - always call all the stations on your route first!

    Good for you! Many people are happy to help out with refueling. I have loaned my Haycock Petroleum card for Las Vegas many times to folks heading there and have been the recipient of kindness at stations as well.


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      Re: oops stuck in NYC - always call all the stations on your route first!

      Thank you for that. It's a great story and very indicative of what the cng mentality is... it's like we are a big club of friendly strangers. We'll all end up in the same spot at one time or another... and if we keep that in mind we tend to be helpful where possible. A little goodwill will get you farther than a gge of cng.

      ... speaking of which, John, your cards in the mail, thanks buddy.