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    My wife loves the back country. For mothers day we took the cng truck drove south of I 70 and into the rough country. Saw several wild horses, crossed a rickety one car bridge over the muddy (at lone tree crossing), watched a small herd of wild donkeys, roasted hot dogs & enjoyed a wonderful afternoon, never saw another person. Traveled over 150 miles & filled up for less than $8.00
    The man filling up next to me complained that his dinner cost over $50.00 and his fill up with gas had to stop at $50.00 and half a tank in his truck because he was out of $$$$$.
    CNG enables us to enjoy seeing the country we love, without it we would be forced to stay home because of the cost.
    Stan M.

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    Re: mothers daay

    Wow that's awesome. Since I live near DC, I never took the time
    to even consider that america had wild horses and donkeys.