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3 week cng trip

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  • 3 week cng trip

    First about my van, it is a 2001 Ford windstar van 20mile to the gal (gas or cng) I took out the back seat and had 3 - 7 gge tanks as the cng conversion kit was installed. I went to the wrecking yard and cut out a gas filling cap and had it installed on the passenger side of the van for cng filling instead of under the hood. I have built a removable grub box that fits from the tanks to the lift up hatch door, with all the cooking and supplies needed for a trip.

    Sept of 2007 my son and I started by filling up at Springville UT, the first stop was Price ut ( the pump machanic was working on it and had to wait an hr) the pump verly put out 3000 (when the tanks are empty only 11 gge will go in, 220 miles) Now Dever next stop. They don't take credit cards just their energy card. that took 3 weeks of phoning and $100 deposit for them to hold. but had a good fill of 3600 psi. Had a good car wash there it rained the hardest we have ever seen.

    Springfield was just around the bend from Branson Mo and their filling was a pump that wasn't up to date but it filled and a slower time. remember this womans name it will come up later, Christena. We went to shows in Branson, O could we have spent the money if I wasn't on SS. I think it is about time to tell you we slept in the van, brought a tent, but to lazy.

    If you look up Tenn on eere you will see no Public stations so I did a lot of pre trip phoning, begging, and used the best phone pesonality and got one station to take us. Dolly Parton's Stampeed. Enjoyed driveing around just sight seeing there plus Grand Old Opre, (Dolly showed up unanounced on the program) she sang with Littel Jimmy Dickens.

    Arlington VA at the navel base, and then DC and all the buildings of the Smith ----------- . sorry can't spell it. a lot to see there even Police on horses. It took 2 days to injoy.

    Orlando FL was our next stop and on eere there is only one Public filling station going down there at Ashville NC and at 1:00 am in the moring our GPS took us to the address and no station so the heck, we just drove on down to Disney World with Gasoling (good time there) gasoline up out of FL, gasoline to Banton Rouge AL where there was a station that only filled comercial vans and we use Christena"s name (as she said) but no. gasoline all the rest of the way to TX. O yes my son had on the internet bought a canoe in AL and had it tied on the van the rest of the way home.

    Santa Fe NM was a fun stop, then back up to Denver and Price and home.
    eere will give you all the miles between stations so really had a good time with my son, Just a little planning and calling and you to can have a trip of a life time as we. black cat
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