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  • Coast to Coast?

    I'm considering a leisurely trip across the country in a 2008 Civic GX from LA to NJ (one way, leaving the car there), with some tourist stops. On paper it seems to work, with the longest fuel gaps coming after Denver/Pueblo/Albuquerque, depending on the route. AAA card in the wallet of course.

    Should I be very worried about bad gas, low pressure or down stations? Or should I be more worried about possible mechanical breakdown where CNG mechanics are scarce?

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    There are three routes with CNG fuel to cross from the west to the midwest. Interstate 80 following a route through Denver and North Platt, NB. Interstate 70 through Denver, Trinidad CO, and Guymon OK. Or Interstate 40 through Lake Havasu City, Williams, Winslow, Albuquerque, and Amarillo.

    It is helpful to make use of hypermiling skills as mentioned in the posts: slower speed, no A/C, 2500 max rpm on grades, don't carry excess weight, and fully inflated tires. I have never called ahead to check station availability. The biggest uncertainty is whether the debit or credit card used will authorize the fuel purchase at the big truck stops which are expecting 100gge fills of $300+. A hold is placed on the card for the large amount even though the purchase is less than 10 gge. The bank credit card service phone number and number displayed near the CNG dispenser at the station can usually clear the problem at the time of use - I haven't ever called ahead. I would rely on the Interstate 70 route foremost, but prefer the Interstate 40 route. The longest stretch between stations is less for the northern most route through North Platt NB (229 mi), and highest for Interstate 40 (289 mi).

    The 2008 Civic is an excellent choice for the drive.


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      Thank you 300mileclub! I think I had found most of those previous posts, but I appreciate the re-emphasis on the card hold issue, as that had faded to the back of my mind. I will re-read these in more detail. I even recall once I had some problems with a pump and after multiple attempts my credit card put a fraud hold on my card. Luckily I was able to clear it right away. So you never know. Since I have no deadlines to meet though I think I'll be able to stay relaxed.


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        Currently I driving from Vermont to California, about 900 miles in. Calling ahead while using has paid off... there were a few stations that were no longer there. And in Grand Rapids Mi, as you touched 300mileclub touched on, my private credit card wasn't accepted .


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          DTE is not very CNG friendly as it was years ago, Also it is hi priced Sign to find has been down for a long time.


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            not at all user friendly for cng fueling! When I asked about trouble shooting the customer service rep declared she didnt know they had pumps and that was via the number on the pump. The issue I am seeing now is in California a PG&E card is required at almost all stations


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              Note PG&E is only northern California; SoCal has lots of stations where a credit card is welcome.


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                The thing with PG and E is the utility requirement of current vehicle fuel system and cylinder inspection record. This is not a gov. requirement, it is PG and E policy.


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                  After doing a trip to NY from MD.. I wouldn't want to do it.. Got to NY only to find out the station wasn't public.. luckily some guy gave me some gas with his work card. Refused compensation. I seemed to recall in NJ i had to call and give them my credit card number.. but htis was years ago. You definitely want to call every station you plotted on the map.. If you're selling the vehicle I think you would be better off selling it on your side.. If someone in NJ wants to buy one, they can buy mine lol

                  also years ago, had a guy come from utah i think i was to drive my van back after purchasing it online. He added a couple of tanks which i think gave him a 400 mile range.. and he still ran out once or twice and got towed. again this was years ago.. probably 15 years ago.

                  btw are you still planning on doing it? or did you do it or what?