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Driving from Sacramento to Reno

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  • Driving from Sacramento to Reno

    Any advise?
    I"m going to Reno and was wondering about the Sac Regional Transport station on Dudley? I read that I need to fill out an application? Would this be the the closest non PGE fill?
    I've got a 2012 Civic.
    Dudley CNG station in SAC to hotel in Reno is 128 miles. So 256 miles round trip, obviously going up and over 7000 of elevation. Should I do it? I usually get around 240 miles of range driving in the city around San Jose to Sunnyvale.
    I’ve got AAA just in case. And if Dudley is a PITA, is there a close ReFuel or Trillium close? I see the ReFuel on Fruitridge and the UPS in West Sac.
    Any advise for my best option?
    Btw I’ll be by myself and won’t be running the AC.

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    I personally talked with Sacramento County in 2015 about public use of the station at 3701 Dudley Blvd, McClellan Park, CA. The manager was interested, at the time, in finding a anchor tenant willing to commit to purchasing a quantity of fuel in order to open the facility to the public. The only development in the time that has passed is that Sac International Airport discontinued public access and no access was ever made available at Dudley for the public. Both facilities were built using public tax money - how ironic.

    Station is actually next to UPS in West Sac - excellent choice. ReFuel requires a fleet card: Voyager, WEX, maybe CleanEnergy

    A recent post asking about reaching Lake Tahoe asked about the best route as well:

    The 2012 should make the roundtrip to Reno (not speaking from experience.) Inflate tires to full MAX sidewall-listed pressure (road heat adds some, but a city manager in Vacaville did this on his pioneering runs to Denver and Albuquerque.) Keep RPM on grades under 3K (follow a big-rig).

    I have documented 27mi and 33mi past the fuel lamp in a 2008. When it runs out of fuel, tachometer will go to zero (indicating engine stopped) and you will be able to coast to a wide place on the shoulder. It will not be possible to kick the accelerator and try starting car again - when the pressure is down to 150psi, it won't start.

    Then againd, if you arrive in Reno with half a tank, you know you'll make it back down to Sacramento.



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      Thanks 300mileclub. I'll try it. Checking, it appears that the station next to UPS accepts credit cards. From that station to Reno is 139 miles each way. Cutting it really close. I think i'll try it and follow your advise. I'll let you know how I do. Hopefully I won't need to use my AAA card.

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    Interested to hear how your trip to Reno goes. Of course PG&E would make it a lot easier, 109 miles to Reno from Auburn and 89 miles from Grass Valley but if not then your only option is West Sac Trillium.

    One last possible bailout option in case you’re in real trouble is Waste Management, 1392 E Commercial Rd, Reno, NV. This is NOT a publicly accessible station and I don’t know if they even have NGV1 fill nozzles available but if you’re really in a bind I’ve had some really nice fleet users offer to fill my car in exchange for cash in the past.

    Good luck and definitely let us know how you make out.