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OKC to Las Vegas using 2012 Civic CNG?

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  • OKC to Las Vegas using 2012 Civic CNG?

    I am contemplating using my 12 Civic Cng to travel from OKC to Las Vegas and back any suggestions?

    25 NE 36th St
    Oklahoma City, OK 73105
    3 h 46 min (257 mi)

    Love's Travel Stop
    6930 I-40 E, Amarillo, TX 79118
    4 h 21 min (299 mi)

    12605 Central Ave NW
    Albuquerque, NM 87121
    3 h 36 min (254 mi)

    400 Transcon Ln
    Winslow, AZ 86047
    1 h 21 min (92.5 mi)

    1055 N Grand Canyon Blvd
    Williams, AZ 86046
    3 h 13 min (215 mi)

    4990 Paradise Rd
    Las Vegas, NV 89119

    The longest distance is from Amarillo, TX to Albuquerque NM (300 miles), however I done this distance with ease quite few times biggest worry is reliability of those stations are reliable because if one is out of service I will have no other option than wait till they fix them.

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    Type: spearheaded - into the search tool at top of cngchat home page and select thread, Crossing the Southwest on Interstate 40. The 09-01-2014 post shows fuel use on the 269 mi and 295 mi stretches of 5gge using a 2008 Civic, which has similar mileage performance to your 2012.

    Civics - when really stretched - still only take a 6.5 gge fill (for 8 gge tank). The car in the post had two adults with some luggage. And driving 50mph was roundly criticized. But this was a very first test-run for these extreme distances.

    The route you plan to use is straight-forward and has been done in CNG Civics with CVTs and 5-sp (yours) many times. You, naturally, will want to stop midway between OK City and Amarillo where there are a number of CNG stations available: Sayre or Elk City OK. Have your tires inflated to a couple of psi under the maximum shown on the sidewall (to allow for road heat). Do not use A/C between Amarillo and Winslow (drive at night if necessary for cooler temps or to avoid a strong head wind). And, drive 65 mph while checking mirrors for times traffic may require matching their 75 mph speed long enough to help the flow of traffic. When the fuel light comes on, the owners manual says there is still enough fuel for almost 30 miles (actual road test finds this to be 45 miles at 45 mph.)

    The CNG dispensers and canopy are found in the far back of most of these truck stops and it may seem intimidating, at first, to weave your way past all of the big rigs to reach it. If there are card authorization hurdles, use the contact number posted at the CNG station (convenience store is notable to help with CNG glitches.) The CLEAN ENERGY help line operator can reset dispensers remotely if necessary. Try using a different card at each station - debit, credit, fleet - because multiple uses during the same day are placing holds on purchase amounts expected from the trucks (100 gge, $250 and up.)

    As for reliability, CLEAN ENERGY restored operation to the Medford Oregon LCNG station within 4 hours. The route you are using across Interstate 40 is in use for trucking and is much closer to technicians than Oregon is. So a high level of reliability is the norm.


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      Thank you very much for your advice. I did 300 miles runs with my 2012 few times (Miami, OK to St Louis, MO) and feel comfortable to do 300 miles, but what I do not like that there is no backup plan if one of that stations will not work then there is no alternative and my AAA is for 100 miles tow. The price difference between gas and cng is none and with gas car there is no worry that other station is 300 miles away. I am taking my gas car. I done few cng runs from OKC to Pensacola, FL, Jacksonville FL, and Indianapolis, IN, but I guess about time to treat Civic as local car with price of cng in OKC still favorable to use cng.