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Road Trip from BAy area to LA

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  • Road Trip from BAy area to LA

    Considering driving to LA (Disneyland) with my CNG car. I will start from Bay Area, will leave early next week in the afternoon. It seems route 5 is definitely out of question because I do not have a PG&E card. Right now I am contemplating going with route 99 or 101.
    I have 2014 Honda Civic car, full tank around 230-250 miles highway (a little on the conservative side, typically after a refill, the range estimator gives 280miles high way).

    Problems with route 99: the station at Madera (Tesei petroleum station need s CFN card (I do not have) and does not operate after 5pm. it seems that the first reliable station is at Tulare area?

    Route 101, there seems to be more non-PG&E stations along the way, but the time is longer...

    Any advice?

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    Get a PG and E card from someone for the trip, or rent a gasoline car for the trip. Aside from the convenience, the economic case can be made, renting for about $50 a day with unlimited miles and not putting a thousand or more miles on your own car.
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      JetBoatJohnny just used I-5 today from San Jose Airport (Trillium/Pinnacle) to L.A. using just the new Questar station at Buttonwillow (219 miles Hwy 152/I-5 or 246 miles I-580/I-5) and had plenty left over fuel getting 40+ mpg it took 5.5gge.

      There are brand new CNG stations using Hwy 99 which are spaced even closer: Oakland | Ripon | Tulare | Santa Clarita.

      As for Hwy 101, San Jose Airport and Paso Robles (Revolution CNG) are 160 miles apart. And SoCal Edison takes bank cards beginning with their CNG dispenser in Santa Barbara.

      PG&E doesnt allow cards to be loaned out - account will be suspended because they want tank inspection paperwork on any cars using their stations.


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        I wouldn't hesitate to assume 250 mile highway range on a 2014 Civic, so long as you drive at a reasonable speed. And the Buttonwillow Questar station is going to be reliable: its new and likely has multiple compressors to serve the large trucks that rely on it for hauling to/from the Bay Area. But if it were me I'd take the 101 as it is a much more interesting drive... the Anderson's pea soup at Buellton is not to be missed


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          Andersens Pea Soup is also at exit 407 from Interstate 5 just north of the junction with Hwy 152 (12411 State Hwy 33 Gustine CA). No CNG here, but a new LNG station is at this exit at a TA Travel Center (Shell). The LNG dispenser showed a zero sale, but the storage tank gage seemed to read 10,000 gallons available - so the station is likely in service.

          LNG_gustine_shell_2.jpg LNG_gustine_shell_3.jpg LNG_gustine_shell_6.jpg


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            To bad the aren't making LCNG.


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              Too bad it wasn't CNG (to fill OP's car).
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                Regarding Bay Area to LA in 2016 w/o PGE card.

                What's preferred route to minimize range anxiety / fill every 200 miles...?
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                  The new Questar station at Buttonwillow has shortened the longest fuel gap on Interstate 5 to 220 miles. But the 70mph limit and using the A/C will put your range to the test on this stretch. Scenery and cooler summer temps along 101 makes this the preferred route. And you can tell your Mouseketeers that this was the route of the 2014 Canada to Mexico CNG historic road trip (drivers Evelyn far left and Curtis 2nd from right in photo):

                  INTERSTATE 5 | 380 TOTAL MILES 6hr
                  000 2265 Junction Avenue San Jose, CA
                  220 5082 Blue Star Memorial Hwy Buttonwillow, CA (West side of I-5 Exit 257 )
                  094 28273 Alta Vista Ave Valencia, CA
                  066 2100 South Harbor Blvd. Anaheim, CA

                  HIGHWAY 101 | 412 TOTAL MILES 6hr 45min
                  000 2265 Junction Avenue San Jose, CA
                  161 3529 Combine Street Paso Robles, CA
                  126 219 N Quarantina St Santa Barbara, CA
                  125 2100 South Harbor Blvd. Anaheim, CA

                  HIGHWAY 99 | 424 TOTAL MILES 7hr
                  000 7855 Earhart Road Oakland, CA
                  065 339 Doak Blvd Ripon, CA
                  150 3989 South K Street Tulare, CA
                  143 28273 Alta Vista Ave Valencia, CA
                  066 2100 South Harbor Blvd. Anaheim, CA



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                    Thanks 300 for very helpful post.

                    I actually used this info for a SJ to Long Beach round trip last week. Filled in Paso Robles, Santa Barbara, SLO, and Long Beach.
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