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Trip Report - LA to Bay Area and Kirkwood

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  • Trip Report - LA to Bay Area and Kirkwood

    Just wanted to let everyone know of my successful trip from Los Angeles to the Bay Area, and from there to Kirkwood Ski Area near Tahoe in my 06 GX.

    Left Long Beach with a 3600 fillup, and drove to Bakersfield to top off at the PG&E station (3000 PSI pump).

    From there, cut over to I-5 and drove 164 miles to the Los Banos station. Had 8 bars left when I got to Los Banos (driving 75 - 79 mph most of the way), so I could have EASILY made it to Merced had anything been wrong with the Los Banos pump. But, it was working great, and they even had a 3600 pump! Got an awesome fill! And even better was I was able to take I-5 up instead of Highway 99 .... the 5 is a MUCH faster road.

    From there, drove to the East Bay to stay the night at my brother's place, and then drove the next morning to Kirkwood for some skiing. Took the 580 and 5 out to Stockton and filled up at the 3000 psi pump there, and then drove up Highway 88 to Kirkwood Ski Resort. It's 104 miles one way from Stockton to Kirkwood. I was worried I might not make it back to Stockton because of the 3000 psi fill, so I decided I would (a) keep it under 60 and be a "conservative driver" in the mountains and (b) I would keep in my mind that there is a public CNG station in South Lake Tahoe in case I needed it (even though that would have been a good 40 - 50 miles out of my way).

    Made it to Kirkwood with 1/2 tank left according to my gauge. Decided I would just drive back to Stockton after skiing, since most of the way back would be downhill, and made it back to Stockton with 5 bars left on my gauge and 208 miles driven.

    From there, drove back to the East Bay so I can have Easter dinner with family on Sunday.

    I'll be driving back to LA the same way I came up -- will fill up in Hayward at the PG&E station, then will top off in Los Banos and Bakersfield on the way home taking I-5 most of the way.

    Best part about the trip is that gas at PG&E stations is $2.27 GGE right now.

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