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  • Is Conversion worth the price

    Hey Everybody,

    I am new to these forums. I have a 2007 Toyota Tacoma SR5 V6 4WD. I am looking into possibly converting the vechicle to natual gas. would it be worth the price to convert? can you even convert that vechicle? anyone have a rough idea of how much this might cost me? ANy input is appreciated.


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    Re: Is Conversion worth the price


    I've read somewhere that you can not convert Toyota's becasue Toyota will not give you the codes to reprogram the ECU. However, I have seen a Toyota Tacoma converted to CNG. It was at the Bountiful Open House in February. It was owned by Tai Robinson of Intergalatic Hydrogen. I believe he is a member of this group. Anyway, you may want to check with Rick Oliver of Sno-Motion. As of right now, Rick is the "go to" guy for CNG conversions in Utah. As far as is it worth the price. That just depends on your driving demands. You'll have to "do the math".
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      Re: Is Conversion even possible?

      THanks For the info. Now I got another question is it even possible to convert it on the vechicle I mentioned in this thread?