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    It seems like the Murray station doesn't fill correctly? The past few weeks it has seemed to have 3200 psi pressure - but I don't think I actually get that amount of fill. I drive a GX and the pump says it fills between 4 - 5 gallons but I only get to drive 80 miles before I am empty again! I filled at 90th and put in 4 gallons and have already driven 140 miles and have room to spare! I wonder if the pump doesn't correctly calculate the gallons and/or if the psi gage is wrong? I have always made sure to wait until the pump completely stops...

    Either way, I feel like I am getting less for my buck at Murray. Too bad its the most convenient station for me.

    Has anyone else noticed this?

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    Re: Murray Station

    I've had problems lately with getting anything over 2,500 PSI at the Murray station. Questar was working on it yesterday, but it wasn't any better later in the day when I went back.