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Utah sticker spotted in Santa Barbara

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  • Utah sticker spotted in Santa Barbara

    Just thought I'd let the Utah people know that my dad, who lives in Santa Barbara, was telling me the other day that he saw this sticker that said "My gas is 73 cents a gallon. What do you pay?" He knows I run so he told me about it. So you guys are making an impact even outside of Utah! Was that someone on this forum?

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    Re: Utah sticker spotted in Santa Barbara

    Hey, we are making waves! I passed out over 40 stickers today at the CNG station opening in Bountiful, including Gov. Huntsman and Mayor Becker who placed it on the Office of The Mayor GX bumper! Hope to upload photos soon.

    Need to find a way for the process to be automated so we can have stickers for various areas, reflecting the right prices, and you all can just click and order them.


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      Re: Utah sticker spotted in Santa Barbara

      That's Awesome! I am glad CNG is finally making some waves. So many people I know can't understand why I choose natural gas, but I say - Why NOT?! its so cheap and better for the environment