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  • cng kits in ut

    i'm new to this CNG stuff and i would like to get some info. frist is there any where in utah that does cgn kits for trucks? if so about what is the cost? secondly i would like to know if it is do-able to do a kit on your own? if so what would be the cost for that?

    PS. i want it for a 1990 ford f150

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    Re: cng kits in ut


    Nobody in Utah manufacturers kit for CNG conversions. The big manufacturers are EcoFuel (Canada), Baytech (California) and BAF. You can find information about these companies online or check in the Conversion section on this site. As far as piecing the kit together by yourself, you have to be pretty knowledgeable in the field. You are dealing with a flammable gas that is pressurized, which can be dangerous if not deadly if you don't know what you are doing. The most popular conversion company in Utah is Sno-Motion in Salt Lake City. You can visit their website at and there is also several more companies gearing up to do conversions in Utah. Marty at Semi-Services in Salt Lake is one and also I've heard that Hatch Motor Company in Layton as well.

    I would also imagine that trying to piece together a kit by yourself would be pretty pricey. The manufacturing company of the CNG component that you are trying to buy would mark the price up for only buying one item. The tank is good example. Most conversion companies probably order several hundred tanks at a time and get a nice price break because of it. But to just order one tank the price is considerably higher.
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      Re: cng kits in ut

      Ashton Motors , Located in Kaysville, Utah can do CNG conversion on most any vehicle at a very reasonable price. They have experience with Chev, Fords and Dodge vehicles.
      Contact Jeff at 628-0174 if you would like more information