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Trip from Utah to Capistrano Beach, CA

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  • Trip from Utah to Capistrano Beach, CA

    I am planning a trip to Capistrano Beach, CA in late March. Am a I good all the way there without gas cards etc? I see CE is all over Nevada now so those stations are public access, how about the rest of southern California?
    Michael Williams
    2001 Toyota Camry

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    Re: Trip from Utah to Capistrano Beach, CA

    There are about 30 public CNG stations between you and Capistrano Beach. Check out the trip planner on Wasatch Front to Southern California is easy to do, especially in a car as your Camry with the range it has.
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      Re: Trip from Utah to Capistrano Beach, CA

      I've done it a dozen times.
      A few pointers:
      * Check out the new station in Hurricane, it is awesome with two dispensers and a great 3600 psi fill
      * The North Las Vegas station at 3333 Losee is easy-off / easy-on the Cheyenne exit
      * Write down or remember the 2 digit "training code" associated with your credit card from wherever you do end up filling in Las Vegas because Barstow's training video often does not work
      * Barstow's bathroom code is 12345