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2003 and older CNG vehicles must give up "C" plates?

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  • 2003 and older CNG vehicles must give up "C" plates?

    I live in Utah and have a friend who purchased a 1999 Ford F-150 natural gas truck and wants to put a "c" plate on it. Utah requires that you obtain a permit from UDOT. In order to obtain a permit, the vehicle must be 2004 or newer. She said that the technology in 2004 or newer vehicles abides by the epa rules better. She said that if you own a vehicle that is older than 2004, that you will be asked to surrender your "C" plate. I have a plate and paid a lot of money to obtain it and use it every day as i commute 30-40 miles each way. Anyone else hear about this new ruling? I think it is absolutely a joke!!

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    Re: Mandatory 2004 cng vehicles.......

    This is the same post as the one below. Please follow it there.

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