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Problems with Logan Station

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  • Problems with Logan Station

    I filled up at the Logan station yesterday (1/8). I turned the nozzle valve to "FILL" and was about the turn the dispenser on, but it started filling up my tank. The dispenser was in the OFF position and it was adding my fill up to the previous fill up (it did not reset to 0). I noticed that $3.00 was pumped before me, so with my fill up the total was $4.63. I went in and told the store attendant and he just charged me $1.63. Has anyone else had a problem?
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    Re: Problems with Logan Station

    Yep, It has been doing it for a while... sometimes they have the correct amount on the meter inside.. sometimes they don't.


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      Re: Problems with Logan Station

      At my local station in Hemet, CA, it will do that if the person who filled before me does not press the off button on the dispenser before I fill. The receipt always shows the correct amount.
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        Re: Problems with Logan Station

        It does that all the time. Sometimes it wont work at all so you have to go in and tell the cashier to reset the pump. I've tried to contact Questar about it but no one will talk to me. Maybe someone else will have better luck.
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