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Need advice- dump, new, or reuse kit

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  • Need advice- dump, new, or reuse kit

    I bought a 2007 Dodge Ram this summer. It had a Technocarb kit already installed, hence the purchase. From day one it didn't run. Finally found a mechanic to work on it, never really got it going till some discovery that something was wrong with the engine.

    Found out the intake manifold is cracked. There aren't any new ones anywhere in north america because plant shut downs. Getting a used one from Boise, Id. I have to take off the kit completely to have it installed.

    The cat converters are out as well and it looks like the two that are on the truck now aren't the originals, so that means this kit has blown them out before.

    So question: Should I just dump the kit altogether? (I bought a truck with CNG because I wanted a CNG vehicle.) Should I put a completely different brand kit on? If so, what brand would you recommend and what mechanic?Or should I put the old Technocarb kit back on and hope for the best?

    Never had a CNG vehicle before and getting really bitter about it. Help!

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    Re: Need advice- dump, new, or reuse kit

    Sorry for the bad trip. It sounds like you got a bad install on the kit or it was not properly adjusted at installation.

    The cracked intake manifold can reall throw the system off. Did you have a check engine light when on gasoline?

    I would replace the manifold leaving the Technocarb components off the engine. Get the engine running properly; no codes, no check engine light, and fuel trim plus or minum 5. I would then contact Technocarb and find out they had any body that could reinstall the kit in your area,(they have a good product).

    Second choice take the vehicle to Technocarb in Abbotsford, B.C. (about 30 miles east of Vacourver) ask Technocarb who they would recommend to reinstall the system and get it running.

    If the sytem was running rich it would take out the CATs

    I could give you a suggestion as to what to use, that would be through private message.

    The bottom line, get the truck running properly BEFORE doing anything else with the CNG. Then proceed however you want with the CNG