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Utah getting $15 million to build 16 new stations?? Anybody Heard of this?

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  • Utah getting $15 million to build 16 new stations?? Anybody Heard of this?

    I found this article today. A look at the last paragraph reveals the following:

    "...Utah's Clean Cities Coalition is getting nearly $15 million to build 16 compressed natural gas (CNG) stations, three liquid and compressed natural gas stations, and three biodiesel stations. The money also will be used to renovate 24 existing CNG facilities and buy 678 natural gas powered cars."

    Does that mean that eventually Utah will have at least 40 separate CNG stations? (Although by my count, I think there are only 21 public stations in Utah, not 24. I don't know where the extra three are coming from).

    I think it is a good sign that the state is adding almost 700 CNG cars to it's fleets though!!

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    Re: Utah getting $15 million to build 16 new stations?? Anybody Heard of this?

    Yes, it is part of the $300m DOE Clean Cities grant stimulus package. We are discussing it here:

    The DOE link is here:


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      $15 million coming to Utah for alternative fuels

      $15 million coming to Utah for alternative fuels

      August 27th, 2009 @ 7:56am

      SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- Nearly $15 million in federal funds will help upgrade and expand Utah's network of compressed natural gas stations and increase the number of cars, trucks and buses that run on cleaner-burning fuel.

      The money is part of $300 million in federal stimulus funds being distributed by the U.S. Department of Energy to expand the nation's fleet of alternative fuel and energy-efficient vehicles.

      Robin Erickson, director of the Utah Clean Cities Coalition, says the money will help pay for 16 new compressed natural gas fueling stations scattered throughout the state and upgrades to the state's 24 existing fueling stations.

      Some of the money will also pay for a portion of three new biofuel stations in Salt Lake City, Provo and Plymouth.


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        Preliminary map attached

        Hey gang,

        Attached is the preliminary map of where the new and upgraded CNG stations will be located based on the recently-approved $15m DOE Clean Cities grant.

        Until all 22 partners in the coalition who signed-on to this grant actually obtain and sign contracts with DOE this is a proposal pending!!

        Robin spoke with over 100 potential alt fuel station and vehicle buyers last year; 50 came to the grant meeting, of which 22 signed on to commit $$ in matching funds with DOE. We will try to post more detail as to which partners have signed, where the stations will be, etc.

        DOE should have paperwork out to UCC in October.
        For those of you who have not done so already, please consider joining the Utah Clean Cities Coalition!
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          Re: Utah getting $15 million to build 16 new stations?? Anybody Heard of this?

          As happy as I am to see new stations and improvements go in, they certainly do little to improve the range those of us who drive dedicated vehicles and wishi to travel the state. Why not a station in Vernal one in the Moab area on I-70 and a Wendover station? If the border towns of the state had stations I think the impact would be a ripple and other states would take a look at CNG. I know most of the cars are in SLC, but I have always gotten good fills in SLC so the BIG need doesn't seem to be there. Utah county seems to be more problematic and in need though. Richfield would be another great location.
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            Re: Utah getting $15 million to build 16 new stations?? Anybody Heard of this?

            It's all a matter of who was willing to step up with matching funds on this grant round. We need to get fleets in those areas of Utah to want to use the fuel.

            Richfield has a nice station off exit I-70 at 40 - Chevron.
            I don't think there is a natural gas pipeline out to Wendover.


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              Re: Utah getting $15 million to build 16 new stations?? Anybody Heard of this?

              Wow I have had too long of a day. I have filled up several times in Richfield! Sorry for being brain dead. Too bad for Wendover. I'd be happy with half as many pumps going in if it would help all our pumps be as great a fill as Bountiful always seems to be.


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                Re: Preliminary map attached

                Nice map but in Salt Lake and Utah county it is very difficult to tell where they are putting the new stations. Is there a map with the exact locations? What is the timetable?


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                  Re: Prelim Map

                  Any more detail on where the new stations will be? If Wendover isn't an option, maybe something in Tooele County - LakePoint maybe? Is there a way for us to submit suggestions to Questar on proposed locations?


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                    Re: Utah getting $15 million to build 16 new stations?? Anybody Heard of this?

                    From what I understand anyone (gas stations thus far) can put there name in the hat to be a CNG refueling station. Questar will provide the equipment and maintenance of the CNG equipment. The gas station owners have covered the cost of the installation on their sites. So it sounds like the best thing you can do is petition local gas stations in your area to show their interest to Questar to have a pump at their location.
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