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Why the price hike?

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  • Why the price hike?

    I just bought gas in Springville this morning and discovered it was 95.9 cents! It was 68.9 the last time I checked. I have been buying at the Jordan School District lately where the price isn't listed so I'm not sure when it went up.

    I thought with Natural Gas prices going down, according to news reports lately, that we would be safe. Anyone know what's happening?

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    Re: Why the price hike?

    Here's the link to the discussion:

    It seems like the state stopped its experiment of deviating from the commercial pump price. My bill last month was the same rate as the commercial locations. Looks like they're following the PSC price again.


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      Re: Why the price hike?

      The PSC has allowed Questar to increase the price toward a higher percentage but supposedly not up to cost of service ( which includes maintenance costs). We can probably expect more price hikes in the near future unfortunately although we see gasoline is also increasing. The current fiscal problems in Utah and for pretty much everyone can almost guarantee that continued subsidy of our fuel price will be a difficult fight though most of us might wish it could be different. The State stations which were opened to us last year are sitting high now I assume because they were getting nailed on maintenance costs from high usage which should be reduced drastically since they now appear to be charging $1.25 plus the processing fee for the fuelman bill, but I don't expect they will reduce the price at those pumps anytime soon either due to the State budget deficit.