A Plan to put Thousands of Safe CNG Vehicles on Utah's roads

In 2008, more CNG vehicles were sold or converted in the state of Utah than in the rest of the nation. This influx of CNG Vehicles onto Utah’s highways increased the need to ensure that CNG vehicles are safe and running clean.

Anticipating the need for trained CNG Technicians, approximately 120 CNG Technicians in the state of Utah were Trained and Certified as CNG System Inspectors and installers in 2008. There are now more Certified CNG Inspectors and installers in the State of Utah than any other State. These technicians have the repair facilities, experience and training necessary to carry out the CNG Inspections for both Safety and Emissions.

In an attempt to address public concern over the safety of CNG vehicles, in January of 2009 the Utah Highway Patrol ruled that if a CNG system was not “EPA approved” it was “unsafe” and not qualified for licensing, while a CNG system with a sticker of EPA approval was “safe”. This misguided ruling threw the fledgling but promising CNG industry in the state of Utah into death throws. It suddenly put thousands of conscientious citizens outside the law if they wanted to continue driving their clean running, safely converted CNG vehicles.

The proposed UHP 2009 inspections did not take into account the fact that all CNG systems, whether EPA approved or not, need to be verified safe and clean running by people trained and qualified to make that evaluation.

Who are CCATS and where did they come from?

CCATS (Certified CNG Automotive Technicians for Safety) was officially organized on January 13, 2009. It was formed in response to the UHP ruling that non EPA Certified CNG Installs were automatically unsafe and illegal to drive in Utah. CCATS members contend that ALL CNG INSTALLS whether EPA or not need to be tested for Safety and Emissions. If an install is safe and clean it should be legal.

CCATS currently has 8 members on its Governing Board and is open to any number of supporting members, contributing members and specialists.

Our Governing Board has in excess of 250 combined years of automotive experience. There are members on the Governing Board who have been doing safety and emission testing for the state of Utah since the inception of these programs. All voting members are certified or qualified in testing and repair of CNG systems, ASE certified A1, A6, A8, F1 and are certified CSA Inspectors for High Pressure Cylinder systems.

Our goal here at CCATS is to put thousands of safe, clean running CNG vehicles on the road and have Utah take the lead in demonstrating a viable, efficient system of certifying these vehicles on a regular basis. CCATS feels that education is the key to accomplishing this goal; educating the UHP, working with and educating various state agencies as well as educating the general public are all vital to our overall goal. CCATS will provide this education through our website, informational seminars, technical training, brochures and videos. (For more information about CCATS email: [email protected] or contact any board member)

Certified Automotive Technicians for Safety (CCATS) Proposes:

1- Providing CNG informational materials to share with the general public.

2- Creating Safety and Emission inspection procedures for CNG vehicles.

3- Providing CCATS training programs for UHP Inspectors, CNG Mechanics and CNG repair shops.

The implementation of these programs will:

1- Encourage more people to safely convert to CNG.

2- Contribute to safer highways and better air quality.

We all want clean air and safe vehicles. This proposal provides a way to encourage more CNG vehicles on the road, not less. Implementing this program can set an example to the United States and the rest of the world. Our CNG training, testing, certification and informational materials can be shared with others to promote clean, economical, safe fuel alternatives, and help reduce our dependence on foreign oil.


Jim Younkin
Secretary CCATS
[email protected]

For more information email [email protected]