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UT state-owned vehicles & CNG use

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  • UT state-owned vehicles & CNG use

    Now that the state-owned CNG stations are open to the public I have been frequenting a few of them. Apart from the Jordan School District buses and forklifts I have never seen a state fleet vehicle use the fuel.

    Anyone else spot a state fleet vehicle filling up on CNG -- at any station, even the Questar-operated ones?
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    Re: UT state-owned vehicles & CNG use

    I parked directly across from a state-owned '08 green GX just like mine today. I also saw one filling up at the Tesoro a couple of weeks back.
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      Re: UT state-owned vehicles & CNG use

      I have seen them on the road, but I have not seen them actually filling up on CNG.
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        Re: UT state-owned vehicles & CNG use

        I have never seen a USU vehicle filling at the USU station. I have recently

        seen them filling their busses at LW's in Logan. This seems odd to me, as

        the USU pump has much higher capapcity. I talked to a bus driver at USU

        filling with Diesel, he said it is the only Diesel bus left, and the rest run on



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          Re: UT state-owned vehicles & CNG use

          I've seen lots of State of Utah Dual-Fuel Cavaliers on the roads but have never seen one filling up.

          On a side note, my brother used to drive the CNG buses at USU. He said they would usually fill at USU and only go to the other station when the USU pumps were down. This was a couple of years ago, before the state owned pumps were opened to the public.


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            Re: UT state-owned vehicles & CNG use

            As far as bi-fuel vehicles are concerned, If you have them in fleets you must mandate the use of CNG and check the vehicles fuel records to make sure the CNG is used. I've seen it in many many government fleets. I'll lay odds that if you check the reconds, they will show low use of CNG. The drivers don't like to fuel the alternate fuels if they have the choice -- it is different and not convenient The fleets could save soooooo much of the tax payers money.

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              Re: UT state-owned vehicles & CNG use

              I once asked a state employee how they how they liked their bi-fuel cavalier. The reply was: "It runs pretty good but I have never tried the natural gas."

              I had seen her driving this car for at least two years before I asked her.


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                Re: UT state-owned vehicles & CNG use

                There is a gasoline pump in the parking lot of the county / state building in Provo (Utah). I've seen several Bi-fuel Cavaliers filling up there but never at the CNG stations. Once I asked a fueler which station he used for CNG and he didn't know where they were. He just complained about the lack of trunk space. Gasoline was about $4 / gallon at the time and CNG was 64ยข (but the State gasoline pump didn't have a price on it). I wasn't happy at his wasteful use of our tax dollars.
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