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SLC Sinclair Station no longer has CNG

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  • SLC Sinclair Station no longer has CNG

    Wow, I tried to fill up at the Sinclair Station in Salt Lake (900 S West Temple) and was shocked to find out they removed their CNG pumps! When I was there on 12-3-07 the station attendant said they pulled out the pumps about two months ago. It’s ironic they removed the pumps but didn’t have the courtesy to take down the sign saying they had CNG!

    I see that the new Questar CNG station list (which John linked to on the previous post) has removed this station from the list.

    I was running on empty on my dedicated Crown Vic and was a little worried about not making it to Questar’s CNG station - the next closest one.

    So a word to the wise, especially those w/dedicated NGVs, – keep your tank above half full in case the pumps are down… or removed
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    Re: SLC Sinclair Station no longer has CNG

    Yes, the only "downtown" station is at Questar's headquarters. Head west on 200 S all the way until you smell the fumes

    Do you still need the code 9150 to get into the card swipe machine booth?
    Also, I see that has listed the Sinclair station as no longer operating... this is probably our best resource to keep track of station prices and availability. Thanks, Todd!


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      Re: SLC Sinclair Station no longer has CNG

      9150 is still the key code.
      There is another SLC station at North Temple and Redwood Road. It has good freeway access and in my opinion is more convenient to use than the one at the Questar facility.



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        Re: SLC Sinclair Station no longer has CNG

        When I was at the Questar station the booth door was open so no code was needed. When I closed the door it didn’t lock. The keypad didn’t have any power to it so I wonder if they decided to not lock it anymore. If not, it must be awaiting repairs. Like at the Sandy station, I wonder why they lock it but then have the code written on the door?

        I like that Tesoro station too. They have been pretty good at providing 3600 psi. However last time I was there I only got 3300. The attendant said that the compressor hasn’t been working very good since it got cold. They’re talking about rebuilding it. If anyone finds out that that pump is temporarily off-line please let the rest of us know.
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          Re: SLC Sinclair Station no longer has CNG

          I used the Sandy filling station the Saturday after Thanksgiving (almost 2 weeks ago) and still haven't seen the charge come through on my credit card.

          And John, I forgot to pick me up one of your stickers.
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