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Leak at SLC Airport CNG station causes evacuation

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  • Leak at SLC Airport CNG station causes evacuation

    A gas leak forced the evacuation of a couple of buildings at Salt Lake International Airport this morning. It happened a little bit after 10:00 at a fueling station near the base for airport shuttle operations, which is located south of Terminal 1.

    Airport operations got a call from the shuttle base of a smell of natural gas coming from the fueling location where a delivery truck had been fueling up. Roughly 20 people were evacuated from the shuttle base and the airport police station next door.

    Salt Lake City fire crews were called in to check it out. "Per protocol, when you have a natural gas leak, you establish a hot zone. Shuttle base was evacuated along with the airport police station as a precaution. Fire units arrived and the hazardous materials group was asked to come to the airport and figure the situation out," said Dave Korzep, superintendent of airport operations.

    The cause turned out to be a faulty valve on that delivery truck. Once the gas dissipated, the workers were able to return to their offices.

    Airport operations were not affected, and this caused no problems for flights or travelers.
    I wonder if the delivery truck was a legal conversion. I've seen some big box trucks filling there a few times as well as a good number of non-epa conversions.

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    CNG Leak at SLC Airport

    Here is the story:

    Apparently it was an isolated event, and no one was injured.
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