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Letter from the Gov (expected more)

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  • Letter from the Gov (expected more)

    I have tried many times to post it (copy and paste) but have failed,so I will hen peck it in.I will shorten where I can. It was written by Ronald W Daniels, Energy Policy Coordinator. I was expecting something like we are going to push Utah in to the forefront of the CNG industry for the future. Like fighting the EPA for certificate renewal and other issues we talk about hear.
    I thought the Constitution gave the States unlimited power and the Fed very limited power. All except California they seem to have supreme power.

    Thank you for your letter to Governor Huntsman dated 11/2/2008. Gov Huntsman has asked our office to reply to your inquiry regarding CNG.

    We appreciate that you and many others are taking advantage of our natural resource,CNG. The many advantages of CNG make it a resource that both the public and government can appreciate. Utah continues to support CNG through incentives for clean fuel, and grant and loan programs through Dept. of Environmental Quality. The grant and loan program applies to businesses and can be found at this link. (omitted)

    In addition, this last year, the State opened up its CNG facilities in certian areas to the public for greater access. The Gov has signed on to the Pickens Plan, which endorses CNG for transportation. The Gov is actively working, through our office, on improving our infrastructure for delivering CNG. We hope to achieve a delivery system that is reliable and safe for everyone's use in the State of Utah.

    CNG will continue to be an integral part of our mobile fuel sources for many years. Your interest and support in this cause are needed by all involved.