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The Richfield Route

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  • The Richfield Route

    I'd like to get some input for those who have tried the Reliable Richfield pumps. I found them to be a great alternative myself but I'm interest in what route everyone is using.

    I have family in Salina and all the locals there (and the two I talked to in Richfield) say that the best route to the north (either coming or going) is thru Nephi and highway 89. The other option is the 50 to Scipio.

    Many comments I read talk about adding a half hour to their drive going thru Richfield. I can't say for sure, but it seemed like the route I took back to I-15, north on 89 then to Nephi, added about an hour to our trip.

    Which route is best?

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    Re: The Richfield Route

    The 89 route seemed to add hardly anything to our time. Maybe I was a little too far over the speed limit, but the newness of the route made it a pleasure. We did the Scipio route on the way down and I believe it was longer and so did Mapquest if I remember right.